All natural. Hand crafted.
Premium ingredients.
At 6.5 oz, our soap bars are roughly 30% larger than other natural soap bar brands. Less shipping, more soap!
Purchase Risk Free. If you don’t love it, we will refund your full purchase price.

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At Art of Soap, our mission is to provide all natural, high quality soaps, without sacrificing efficacy and luxury. Get our specialty soaps shipped to you every other month! Receive free shipping and save on our all-natural soap when you subscribe.
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Premium Quality

All Natural Soaps

Simply The Best

Developed over three years, our luxurious soap formula simply produces the very best natural soap you can use on your body. Try it NOW with our money back guarantee.

Hand-made With Love

We hand make our soap with the finest ingredients. Our soap artisans have a passion for making the best natural soap available. Every soap bar is a work of art!

All Natural

We only use the finest natural oils and butters in our handcrafted soap bars. Yes, our soap bars are premium price, but we simply refuse to provide anything but the best on your skin!

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Unquestionably the best way to make great soap. Though labor and time intensive, it is the best way to produce soap that keeps all of the nutritious value of the ingredients in the soap.

Nourishes Your Skin

Starting with a great combination of natural oils and hand making it with a cold process, allows us to create a bar of soap that will nourish your skin like no other soap can.

Ethically Friendly

Yes, we care about your skin, but that is not where our love stops. Our natural soaps are 100% vegan, cruelty free in ingredients and production, and only has sustainably produced oils.


About Art of Soap

We promise that our natural soap bars maintain the highest amount of nourishing ingredients, while focusing on eco-friendly practices. All of our specialty natural soaps are hand-made and hand cut to ensure quality every step of the way. Clean ingredients, clean practices, pure and simple 

We offer a wide range of natural soap bars including our Jasmine Soap Bar, Lavender Soap BarEucalyptus Soap Bar, and Lemongrass Soap Bar. Try them all with our Soap Bundles specials!

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