Lavender Bar Soap

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100% Natural | Cruelty Free | Made in the USA | Vegan | 100% Sustainable Oils

Wash all your troubles away with a little helping hand from this calming, all-natural, Lavender soap bar! This soap has a subtle Lavender scent that comes from the inclusion of a high-quality essential oil. We have colored it purple, giving this soap a beautiful marbled appearance. Our lavender soap is a top seller with women.

Yes, each bar of our beautiful soap is a work of art. But we truly believe we make a superior natural soap bar that nourishes, repairs and protects your skin. Our soap bars are great for all skin types and are intended to be used from head to toe. All of our soaps are hand made, in small batches, with all natural ingredients, by artisans that are passionate about making truly great soap.

We use natural ingredients in our soap bars, but it’s still possible to experience an adverse reaction to certain ingredients. If any reaction or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional.

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All of our natural soap bars are made with the same luxurious formulation. We use a mixture of seven oils and shea butter to create a soap that nourishes, repairs and protects your skin every time you use it! If there is an handcrafted soap bar out there that utilizes as many oils as we do, we haven’t found it. And yes, some of these oils make our handmade soap bars cost more to make, but we simply can’t ignore the benefits those oils deliver to your skin. Every time you shower you will feel like you lotion your entire body. Don’t believe us? Simply buy our handmade bar soap and try it for two weeks. If you aren’t amazed, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Our all-natural, vegan soap bars are made exclusively with plant-based oils and butters, making them vegan and cruelty-free. And we only use sustainable oils. This is particularly relevant to palm oil, which we only source from sustainable palm oil suppliers located in South America.

We are soap artisans, and we believe each bar is a work or art. We color, scent and texture are soap using a labor intensive process. We only use makeup grade mica powder to color our soap, because if you can use it on your lips and eyes then you can certainly use it on your skin. Whenever available, we use essential oils to scent our soap. If an essential oil isn’t available, we utilize a high quality fragrance.

Made in the USA matters to us! All of our handmade soaps are made by soap artisans located in the USA and working directly for Art Of Soap. Unlike many natural soap makers, that pay other companies to make their soap, we actually make our own soap. And we are proud of our product!

There is no denying the overwhelming popularity and benefits of the lavender soap bar treatments. Art of Soap’s Natural lavender soap bars are excellent mood, headache, and sleep enhancers.

Add Art of Soap’s nourishing, all-natural Lavender soap bars to your daily skin routine today!

Key Ingredients:

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Caster Oil, Avocado Oil, Raw Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E Oil, Rosemary Extract Oil. Please check your product packaging for a complete list of ingredients.

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Additional information

Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 1.125 in

24 reviews for Lavender Bar Soap

  1. JJ Storland

    All of their soaps are amazing and the lavender is no exception to that! We love their soaps.

  2. lthompsonrobinson

    The lavender soap has just the right amount of scent. It is a very smooth and soft soap bar that is made with very high quality. I love it!

  3. Shyayn Bass

    I love their soaps. I go to the farmers market every wednesday, i just started using their soap and fell in love with the lavender and eucalyptus. Makes me smell so good and make me feel so soft. Great product

  4. Sylvia Montez

    First – the bar is beautiful
    Second – you can feel the oils immediately protecting your skin starting with the moment you touch it.
    Third – the lather and feel is wonderful.
    Must buy more

  5. Janet D

    Relaxing Lavender is awesome!

  6. Janet S.

    Best lathering soap ever!
    Totally awesome!

  7. Brenda

    Just wow. Received this for Christmas and I love it.

  8. Edward Goss

    I bought soaps from all soap vendors at the Las Vegas Farmers Market and was the best overall soap. Best essential oils, best size value, best feeling and best hand/facial soap ever! I am sold!

  9. Ping L (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and super fast shipping!

  10. Jannie

    This lavender soap is sooooo soothing. Love it.

  11. Daniella Z

    Wow, I love this soap. not only looks and smells great but feels great on your skin!

  12. Annie

    Very good soap. Bars are a little big. It does smell and look great.

  13. Cassandra

    I have very difficult skin and this is the best soap I have ever used. So glad I found it.

  14. Carlie

    I bought a 6 bar bundle. I love them all. Love how this soap makes my skin feel. Bars are so big they are a little hard for me to handle right out of the box.

  15. Jen L

    Crazy how good this soap makes your skin feel.

  16. Jackie

    OMG this is great soap.

  17. Renee

    I love how this soap makes my skin feel. I am a believer.

  18. MichelleB

    I love this soap. I look forward to showering every morning

  19. Hilary

    I bought this soap on a whim. I fully expected to be let down because nothing can be as good as they claim. Now I am so happy I bought it. First, it smells great. I put a bar in my guest bat and now I go in everytime I pass by just to see how great it smells in there. Second, the soap is beautiful and I almost didn’t want to use it! Third, it makes your skin so soft. It moisturizes like crazy. Like they say, it really is a work of art. So happy I tried it.

  20. Diane Roberts

    Outstanding soap! Exceptional skill and knowledge are displayed in the smell, feel, and looks of this soap.
    Feels like lotion-soap. Skin is clean and little or no lotion is needed after soft rinse.

  21. Denise Harlow

    My face feels the cleanest it has ever felt. Last week, after talking to the guys at the Farmers Market and expressing to them I never wash my face with soap, They gave me a Lavender sample bar (1/4 bar) to try out. I honestly did not want to try it. the ingredients seems to be all natural and good for you. But after washing my hands a few times and feeling the softness of the soap, I did lather the soap im ny hands and put it on my face. OMG, it felt so good and clean. It is so hard to explain the feeling you get when using it.
    I am going back this week to buy more for me and my friends.
    I strongly recommend this soap to everyone.

  22. Dana L

    All I can say,” is I can’t get enough of the natural Lavender & Citrus smell on my body all day” ….smells so good I want to eat it . Great creativity 5 stars . I also want to thank the intelligent engineer Art for engineering such a healthy product for my family. We love everything natural & safe . To anyone reading this review I whole heartedly recommend using Art’s amazing individually engineered soaps . FYI & I am a real person who doesn’t leave good reviews often. I give credit where credit is do & I support local American made small businesses. Thank you Art Of Soap & thank anyone who read this long review, I appreciate it .

  23. Janice

    I have to admit, this bar of soap is exceptional!! I am fortunate to be able to talk to the makers of the soap at the Farmer’s Market and understand the benefits of this soap. It feels and smells great! The large bar is outstanding!! and the clean feeling you get using it and the lingering scent is absolutely wonderful!!!

  24. Steve

    Purchased a couple bars from them at their Farmers Market booth. Absolutely a wonderful product! Great smell and the best part, NO SLIMY RESIDUE. Your skin won’t be dried out like the store soaps.

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