About Art Felix

Art Felix is the epitome of the American dream. Art is a first-generation Mexican-American born and raised in Central California farming country. He attended the University of California at Long Beach and earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and followed that up with a Masters from the University of Southern California. Later in life, Art found he had a passion for learning about how products you consume and put on your body impact your overall health.

Around 2014, Art began studying how the lotions and soaps you use on your body impact your skin and overall health. He began making soap and over the course of 5 years perfected a formula that he felt nourished your skin as well as cleaned it. To his surprise, Art developed a devoted following of users of his soap. Friends and acquaintances constantly asked Art if he had soap available.

In 2019 Art retired after a long and successful career in the Aerospace industry. Not surprisingly, Art didn’t do well with retirement. He was bored. I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story. Now Art spends his days making soap. And frankly, we think he makes amazing soap.

Our Mission

At Art of Soap, our mission is to provide all natural, high quality soaps, without sacrificing efficacy and luxury. We promise that our soaps maintain the highest amount of nourishing ingredients, while focusing on eco-friendly practices. This is why all of our soaps are hand-made and hand cut to ensure quality every step of the way. Clean ingredients, clean practices, pure and simple 

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Art of Soap cbd soaps loaded with essential oils

Our soap artisans use high-quality essential oils, whenever possible, to scent our soaps. Some of our soaps contain a scent not available in essential oils. In these cases, we use a high-quality man-made fragrance. Our artisans give our soap its beautiful appearance by mixing in mica colorants. These are the same type of colorants used in many high-end makeup brands. Our natural soap, of course, does not contain any added scents or colorants.

Our artisans also make our soap utilizing a cold process. This means our ingredients are never heated above 130 degrees in the process of making our soap. That means we don’t damage any of the nourishing qualities of our ingredients. It also means that we have to cure our soap for 3-4 weeks before we sell it. That’s right, we choose to use a process that we have to keep our soap in a curing rack for up to a month before we sell it. Many natural soap makers choose to use a hot process that allows them to sell their soap as soon as they make it. We will never make that choice.

Why Our Soap is the Best

It starts with the ingredients. Each ingredient is selected for its specific nourishing qualities for your skin. We use coconut, olive, palm, avocado, castor oils and shea butter.  In addition, our soaps are:

  • American Made
    Our soaps are made domestically in America by passionate soap artisans.
  • Filled With Nourishing Ingredients
    Our soap is made utilizing a cold process to preserve the nourishing qualities of our ingredients.
  • Made With Care
    Every batch of soap is hand mixed, cold-processed and hand cut.
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